Smart Address Manager Pro


Smart Address Manager is a standalone allied application designed to work with Personalized Expressions Pro application. Smart Address Manager provides database driven Address Merge facility to manage Addresses in US and Canada to be processed in to separate Address Fields.

Now using address fields Users can reconstruct the addresses as desired for target personalized Envelop printing. Also Etiquette rules can be applied to generate both Inside Envelop and outside Envelope addresses of the invitees. Personalized Expression Pro. application thus utilizes Smart Address Manager to provide very specialized mail merge facility to generate fabulous Invitation Card set totally personalized as desired by the end users.

Latest released version of Smart Address Manager is developed using C++ Builder 2010 and Elevate DB embedded Database on Windows platform.

Address Parsing, Address Formatting, Address Reconstructing, Address Navigation, Address Editing are the main features of this application.

Smart Address Manager Pro – Features

Smart Address Manager provides wide range of features and tools needed to manage addresses. Major features are as listed below:

  • Import Address list from Text file
  • Import Address list from Excel file
  • Save & Load Address File from disk
  • Manage Address fields in embedded RDMBS
  • XML File based Address Formatting
  • XML File based Address Field Formatting
  • Address navigation system
  • Address Editing at Address Field level
  • Export Address list as Text file
  • Export Address list as Even Manager Report/Form
  • Define Custom Address related Etiquette rules
  • Apply pre-defined & Custom Address Etiquette rules
  • Add, Modify & Delete Addresses from Address Files
  • Treat Address 'As Entered'
  • This Application is designed as a DLL