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Smart Invitation Eco System is a web application for invitation card designs. There are 3000+ collection of invitation card designs in the application which are divided in 11 different categories. User can select a desired category to view cards of the category which matches to their specific requirements.

Once user has selected a card, he/she can rither add their own text on the card or select from provided verse-text in Smart Invitation Eco System application. User can upload, edit and reposition the uploaded photo on the card to insert on the card. After all modification done, user whould have to save designed card to view/edit later or place order for printing the designed card from one of the D2U-Store.

  • Active-X control is used for printing high quality prints of the card at client side.
  • Resources are Embedded in ActiveX Control so as to avoid client side storing of resources like Card Image & Card Fonts.
  • Site-URL with C-Names is provided to present Site-UI specific to Card-Retailer.
  • Java-Script is used for providing easy to use Dynamic Menu Control.
  • Web-Controls are provided to achieve re-usability & maintainability.
  • XML is used for storing designed cards & Verses for better performance.
  • Mouse position sensitive Dynamic Help-Tips are provided for user friendly help.
  • CSS Based UI is provided for easy to change look and feel of web application and maintainability.
  • XHTML compatible pages for providing consistent look & feel for both. Microsoft-Internet Explorer 6+ and Mozilla-Fire Fox browsers.
  • AJAX Ready site with extensive use of CSS, Java-Script and XML.
  • Flash Movie is provided for Visual Card-Creation Demo of the site.
  • Spell Checker is provided to help user create error free invitation verse.
  • Dynamic Shopping Cart is provided to facilitate user in placing an order with seamless database interaction.
  • GDI+ is used for generating Composite-Card with Card Image, Card Verse, Card Layout & Card Specific fonts and colors.
  • Thumbnail-Gallery with mouse sensitive Dynamic Preview is provided for presenting the Categorized Card-Gallery Database of 3000+ odd cards.
  • Top-Picks and Quick-Search features are provided to facilitate user in card selection process.
  • Email Notification is used so as to keep all the entities well informed about the respective activities and the responsibilities.
  • Site UI design is provided using Photoshop 7, Dream weaver MX & Flash.
  • .NET Assemblies are provided for Exception Handling, Email Notifications & Database handling.
  • Analysis & Design is provided using UML & flowcharts to generate maintainable and expandable code.
  • Source Code Control is provided using VSS & employing coding guidelines.
  • Deployment services are provided for site maintenance, releases management, Database management with Dedicated server management.
  • Allied Utilities are developed for controls like Customized Calendar & Clock and utilities like Reporting, Webmaster, and Testing & Dominant-Colors Extraction.
  • Testing & QA services are provided by designing & testing 360+ Test Cases using various Testing Scripts.