Smart Personalized Expressions Pro is our flagship project which provides complete solution for In-Store imprinting services. Today Smart Personalized Expressions Pro is one of the leading products in US Stationary market and is used by all Hallmark stores in USA. Smart Personalized Expression Pro is solely developed and maintained by us from designing to deployment. We are also continuously providing ongoing Feature Enhancement, Code and Release - maintenance support for this huge product and for all its accompanying products and utilities.

Smart Personalized Expressions Pro – Highlights

Smart SoftTech has solely developed and maintained Smart Personalized Expressions Pro and accompanying Smart Address Manager Pro products to provide In-Store imprinting services to Hallmark USA & Colors by Design Inc. USA.

  • Smart SoftTech has developed and maintained almost 500,000 LOC to provide more than 500 features of Smart Personalized Expressions Pro and Smart Address Manager Pro products.
  • Smart SoftTech has delivered 10 versions of these products in the span of last few years by improving and adding various new features by using and porting these products over to latest technologies.